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Compass Family Counseling Testimonials

These testimonials are from actual counseling clients in the Denver area. Their names are withheld for privacy.

“We have always believed in the process of therapy. Throughout our sessions, we continually felt heard, validated, and just generally cared for. You always made yourself available even with the difficult schedule we had. We’re thankful for the skills and tools that we learned to help us gain resolution regarding our family dynamics. After each and every session we left feeling in a better place, and are very grateful that we have found a family therapist that we can turn to in the future.”

-Anonymous Client

Mrs. Borner has been an influential support system to me because of her effectiveness and positive influence as my therapist.  She has given me the guidance and resources to understand how and why I have become the person I am.  I have been able to make family connections as to why I value certain attributes in others and how I react to others and situations.  She has given me a support system to help me personally grow to face those situations that have been the most challenging to me throughout my life.  She is always willing to assist and be there at a moments notice.  Her patience and guidance has given me the hope and confidence to continue forward through the challenges and recognize how much there is to celebrate in what I have accomplished.  She has become a very influential and important person in my life.

-Anonymous Client

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