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With marriage rates on the decline and divorce rates at an all-time high, it’s no surprise that more couples are turning to marriage counseling as a way to save their marriage, rather than resorting to divorce. Marriage counseling is an investment. It requires both you and your partner to invest your time, your emotions and your heart into improving the life you both live. Before embarking on this investment, it’s common to wonder why marriage counseling works.

Marriage Counseling Works Because…

Whatever You’re Doing, Isn’t Working

It couldn’t be more straight-forward. The number one reason to seek marriage counseling is because whatever you’re doing to work on your marriage, isn’t working. If it was working, you wouldn’t need help fixing it. The idea of marriage counseling can be polarizing to some people. Sharing their “dirty laundry” with a complete stranger is not anyone’s idea of comfortable. The reason it works is because it’s something that your marriage has never had: help, guidance, and intentionality.

A Mediator Makes a Difference

Do you and your spouse ever find yourselves in an argument, that just seems to perpetuate itself? You start by disagreeing on what might be a small matter, and within no time you’re hashing out issues that resonate from six years ago. Marriage counseling works because a mediator could make all the difference. In a session, you’re each given space and time to express your feelings, concerns, and observations. With the help of a trusted third party, both you and your spouse have room to be respected, while being encouraged to respect each other. Respect gets respect, and working through tough times in this fashion is one of the many reasons why marriage counseling works.

It Freshens Your Perspective

Because marriage counseling includes a third party, you are opening your marriage up to a fresh perspective. A marriage counselor is not there to tell you or your spouse who is right or wrong, but they will prompt you to consider more than what you have up to this point. Perspective is everything, and with the help of a marriage counselor, you may be able to better understand how your spouse is feeling, while they work to better understand how you’re feeling. You aren’t settling an argument, you’re seeing life and love through each other’s perspectives.

Like anything, success is never guaranteed. Marriage counseling may not be the solution to save your marriage, but studies show that it does work. The truth is, you never know until you try, and if your marriage is struggling, it might mean that it’s time to try something different to improve it.