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Relationships can be complicated by emotional experiences from our past relationships. Our past experiences in other relationships can make our present relationship appear much different than they should.

If we have been cheated on in a past relationship we may be suspicious of the current relationship being trustworthy and we may suspect a much greater likelihood that our potential is cheating on us then is really the case. The feeling of not being able to trust the other person can lead us to many conclusions of an erroneous nature. These erroneous conclusions that the other person must be cheating on me will draw our attention away from the facts of what is happening and create a falseness in our thoughts which we perpetual false conclusions from.

This falseness is often a conclusion that our significant other must be cheating on us because we can feel this experience happening. We can look for reasons that justify our false beliefs this other person must be cheating by going through their cell phone and looking for calls to others which are not recognizable individuals suggesting support for the false conclusion this person must be unfaithful. What may be needed to help this person with false beliefs and this couple find solutions to these problems is couples therapy to uncover and right the wrongs of past emotional experiences from a prior relationship. What’s often most needed though is a hug from that person by their loved one saying “we are going to get through this together and I am not going to cheat on you ever.”