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(Anxiety when should we seek help from a professional)
Most everyone you ask will say they have experienced some type of anxiety in their lives. Most people do not see a professional for help. They think the anxiety is just temporary and so they attempt to go on with their lives as if nothing is wrong. This could be a mistake as they are not paying close attention to the small signs of anxiety they are experiencing. A sign you may want to seek out help is when you have tried to reduce your anxiety and it’s persists any ways. You try to exercise more and eat correctly yet you notice your anxiety continues to interfere with your sleep; waking you up in the middle of the night and making it hard for you to get back to sleep. You try to maintain a good sleep pattern by going to bed each night at the same time yet you’re waking up too early and not feeling rested.
Other reasons to seek out a professional help is when you start to notice you are making more mistakes than is a normal. You may notice your making errors when paying your bills, like forgetting to put a stamp on the envelop, making the check out for the wrong amount or you forget your bank account pin number which you have used every week for the past five years. You are having a more difficult time focusing on work so you attempt to manage your anxiety by going to the restroom more or taking more breaks in an effort to regain your focus. The corrective measures you are taking to reduce your anxiety will have a diminished affect over time if the psychological basis is not understood. There are reasons for your anxiety which can become clear with psychotherapy. Anxiety psychotherapy is about understands, in part your efforts to avoid anxiety which helps to create anxiety.