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Researchers estimate that in the United States alone, 40 percent to 50 percent of all first marriages, and 60 percent of all second marriages will end in divorce. They believe that lack of commitment, unrealistic expectations, excessive arguing, infidelity, abuse, and lack of marriage preparation are the most common reasons for divorce in America.

How Will Recognizing Common Reasons for Divorce Help Your Marriage?

Commitment and communication are key when it comes to maintaining a healthy marriage, and preventing detrimental problems that often lead to divorce. Identifying struggles early on in your marriage, and seeking to counsel for help in overcoming the most common factors, will keep you from becoming one of the statistics.

Your marriage is absolutely worth saving. It’s never too late to recognize the signs of an unhealthy marriage. Working together with your spouse, and professional family counselors could make all the difference in defying the most common reasons for divorce.

What Are the Risks?

Some of the most well-known factors that put couples at a higher risk for divorce are infidelity, insecurity, lower education and income, pregnancy before marriage, lack of religious affiliation, and being a product of a divorced family. Some of these factors cannot be controlled. You can’t help that your parents divorced when you were six years old. But you can prevent it from happening to your own kids.

Allowing yourselves to become complacent, and content is one of the major risks that often leads to divorce. It’s likely that you remember when your love started, but you should never be able to determine when love stops. Without continuous maintenance, intentional conversations or actions, and productive arguing, it’s easy for love to become stagnant, dull, unlively, and negative.

Failing to be intentional about the way you show your spouse love, and neglecting to understand what makes them feel the most affection can lead to resentment and insecurities. Maintaining your relationship through intentionality and care is the greatest way to avoid some of the most common reasons for divorce.

Do you believe your marriage can be saved? By getting to the root of the problem and confronting it head on, you and your partner can overcome anything.