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Grace Stein

Counselor Grace Stein's HeadshotCounselor Grace Stein

Are you feeling overwhelmed or unhappy with a significant relationship in your life? Do you have a desire for better communication, closeness and increased joy?

If so, I can help. Working from a place of authenticity and warmth, I will guide you in a process of exploration, education, and implementation of new techniques and skills. Because each person and relationship is entirely unique, I will meet you where you are by focusing on your specific needs and desires as they arise. With a genuine investment in your healing process I will stand by you, support your strengths, and encourage your most genuine form of connection and growth.

Relationship Counseling

Science tells us that when we feel safe, secure, and fulfilled in our closest relationships, there is a profound ripple effect positively impacting the rest of our lives. For this reason (and many more) I specialize in the formation and maintenance of healthy, life-giving relationships. Whether you are married, partnered, beginning a relationship, or are an individual feeling ready to start making healthy connections, I am here to help.

Grace Stein received her Masters of Social Work from the University of Denver, where she specialized in Clinical Work with Families and Interpersonal Trauma. Subsequently, she received postgraduate training in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Denver Family Institute. Her experience in the field includes youth mentoring, case management, adolescent groups, and ongoing therapy with individuals, couples, and families.


Want to learn more? Check out a short video by Grace where she shares a bit about herself and her focus on relationship counseling and therapy.