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Lynnette Cooper

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My Mission Statement

As a counselor, I feel grateful and privileged to connect with each of my clients with sincerity, compassion, empathy, and understanding. I value and respect each client as an individual and care deeply about each person’s experience in life. I take a holistic approach to treatment in that I see the body, the mind, our emotions, and the spirit all working together to help each of us create meaning, wholeness, and healing. I will partner with my client and use only those treatments that give a sense of hope and direction in their lives. I work collaboratively with each client toward the ability to accept the difficulties that life brings and the help facilitate courage, tools, and strength to change things that they feel led to change. I pledge to walk alongside each person, empowering them as they go through the process of attaining positive life goals that promote healing, contentment, purpose, and happiness. I want counseling to be a safe and non-judgmental place where you can tell your story, feel heard, understood and begin the healing process so that you can feel joy, hope and excitement about life again.


Christian Counseling

In addition to regular counseling, I offer Christian Counseling because I believe that God loves and longs for a deep relationship with each and every one of us in a special way. He is the only one who truly knows our hearts. I want to help others see their potential and the HOPE that God gives us. I want those that are hurting to understand how much God loves and hurts with us, that He will never give up on us and that when life gets heavy and overwhelming, we can turn to Him.


Teen Counseling

As we know, life can be very difficult for teens in the culture we live in today. Our teens face a different variety of difficulties than we did at their ages. Teens need to know that they are loved, cared about, trusted, valued, and respected. However, we also need to have boundaries when it comes to our teens. They need to understand that even though they are loved and trusted, we know they will make mistakes along the way.

When these difficult times comes into your teens life, regardless if it is due to school pressure, bullying, not fitting in, adoption issues, or whatever the case may be, we all occasionally need help in dealing with either the teen themselves or need help ourselves as a parent/s. I work with teens that are struggling with school pressures, home life and social pressures and adoption issues.

As parents we can find ourselves stuck in a cyclical battle with our teens and this is where I can help. I can spend time with your teen and with you as a parent as well as together in order to bring peace and harmony back into your home. I feel called to strengthen families and bring teens and parents back to a comfortable and loving place.


Couples Counseling

Relationships are often difficult, especially when we come from a place of unhealthy relationships. I have special training in marriage and family therapy that can help you to gain insight from your past relationships as well as gain perspective on current relationships. Relationships can be hindered when we fall into our past patterns.

In working with couples, I will work with you to “break your cycle of destructive relationship behavior.” In a process called Emotionally Focused Therapy, I will work with you to understand what is at the core of your marital stresses. Each couple has “a cycle” which can be a negative cycle or positive cycle. I will work with you to identify the moving parts of your cycle, break it down into understandable missing emotional bonds, and help you to work toward connecting in a way that you makes you feel closer than you have in years. We will work through the steps and stages that will work toward making your marriage stronger. You will find out what lies under your anger, frustration or with-drawl from your partner and ways to reconnect emotionally for a loving, caring, compassionate relationship.


Counseling for Women

As a 57 year old woman, I have gone through many of the life-transitions that women experience, such as Empty Nest Syndrome, Mother of children/teens/adults, Marriage of 32 years, Child of Divorce, Loss of a Parent, Purpose in Life, Depression, and the list goes on.   If you are struggling with life-issues in general, I am here to help you work through those issues with an understanding heart and will help by giving you tools to navigate your way through life’s challenging times.