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Counselor Russel Urruita

Russel UrruitaI am a compassionate licensed couples and family therapist with 27 years of experience in guiding others through troubled times. The honor is mine when you allow me to serve you. I know that relationships are core to who we are and that despite the many things we do each day, it is in our relationships with others that we find life’s meaning. So, when you place your relationship or family into my care, I know that you are trusting me with the thing that you value most in life. Knowing this, I approach the work of therapy with great care and compassion. Although, I have a set fee schedule, I am willing to talk about adjusting that fee when those I work with face financial difficulties.
I seek to be precise during the assessment process because I believe that therapy is becoming an exact art and that a complete assessment is very important in selecting the best intervention for the problem at hand. My style in working with clients is completely open. My assessment process includes working with clients to develop a shared understanding and shared meaning about what the problem is and how it is maintained. I believe that working toward this shared belief about the problem during the assessment session creates an opportunity for partnership with my clients. We agree on what the problem is before we embark on the journey of change and growth. It is my goal to set my clients at ease by asking them how much they want to know about the treatment process so that I can provide them just the right amount of information to help them feel safe, in control and motivated to experiment with change.
When I first meet with clients, I tell them that my goal in asking questions is to understand the transactions that take place in relationships by trying to learn what each partner or family member thinks, feels and does at various points of transacting with their partner or family members. These transactions can include arguments and/or successful or unsuccessful attempts to create, maintain or restore intimacy. When I am able to describe to the family or couple I am working with how their cycle is co-created and moved forward with participation from all involved and the couple or family members all shake their heads “yes” as I talk and meet their eyes, I know that my clients have the understanding and motivation needed to begin experimenting with change.
I am committed to partnering with those whom I serve throughout the treatment process. Setting measurable goals that all parties agree to work toward is important to me and helps my clients know where we are going at all times and if what we are doing is helping us to move in that direction. Seeing feedback as important to all healthy relationships, I regularly ask my clients to give me brief feedback on a 0-10 scale at the end of each session. I ask how the therapeutic relationship that I am offering is working as a vehicle to get the work done, and I ask for feedback about how I am doing in using session time efficiently to work toward the goal(s) we have agreed upon. This feedback allows me to tune into the experience of my clients which is where I believe the work gets done. If adjustments need to be made to my style or technique to maximize your benefit from treatment, I want to know that and want to make it safe for you to talk to me about it as soon as possible so that I can ensure you have an outstanding treatment experience and the best possibility to successfully reach your goals as quickly as possible.
I have taken great care to prepare myself to be the best provider that I can be for those I you because that is what I believe you deserve when you trust to confide in me about your difficulties. I use the latest techniques and practices that have evidence to support that they work. Because I want everyone to be to access the help that I offer, I have positioned my office in the heart of downtown Denver close to I-25, to the bus station and to the light rail transportation system allowing me to serve families and couples throughout the Denver Metropolitan Area. My office is wheelchair accessible, and I offer weekend and evening appointments ¡Se Habla Español!
I am passionate about helping other’s heal and I would like to be the person to help you. I am looking forward to giving you a warm greeting when you call.