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It’s no secret that when you start feeling sick, or your body isn’t functioning the way it needs to, you seek help from a doctor. Why should it be any different for your relationship? When things aren’t working properly between you and your partner, seeking help from a counselor could be the healing power that you’re looking for.

Finding the Right Counselor

Studies show that couples counseling proves to be successful in improving relationships and saving marriages 70-80% of the time. It’s all dependent on finding the right counselor for you and your partner. Feeling comfortable and willing to be open, honest and vulnerable is a commitment that translates best into success with couples counseling. All of those things can be difficult if you and your partner don’t click well with the counselor that you see. Find a counselor that is easy for both of you to talk to, and trust, then stick with your efforts.

The Benefits of a Third Party

When it comes to the problems facing your relationship, it’s easy to be aware of the problems that your partner is contributing, and not so aware of how you might be causing problems. Working with a counselor, allows a third party to observe and offer perspective that allows both you and your partner to see yourselves and your relationship objectively. The goal of counseling is to give couples tools, that change the way you problem-solve together. It teaches you how to constructively work through conflict with each other, and offers insight to things that you may not know about one another.

There is no guarantee that couples counseling will save your relationship, just like there’s no guarantee that a doctor will be able to rid you of an illness. The important thing to remember is that a counselor will not fix your relationship, they will simply give you tools and insight. The change comes from you. It takes commitment from both sides, and continued effort, even when things seem difficult.