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Hi, my name is Katie Larson. I’m a marriage and family therapist as well as an art therapist. I work with individuals as well as couples. I love working with individuals using a type of therapy called dialectical behavioral therapy. This type of therapy is designed to increase self-acceptance and also increase self-awareness using a body, mindfulness activities and it’s great for people dealing with stress, anxiety depression.
With couples, I love using a type of therapy called emotionally focused couple’s therapy. This is a very successful type of therapy rooted in attachment theory basically and in this type of therapy, couples learn to get in touch with their deep, deep emotions and in the safe context of the therapy session, couples are able to communicate those emotions to one another. In doing so, they become closer as a couple and their inner needs are ultimately met and their overall experience of the couple system and their lives improves.

Katie Larson, MA

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Methods of Therapy Utilized by Katie Larson

  • EFT
  • DBT