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Methods of Therapy Our Denver Counselors Utilize

Relationship problems can have a huge impact on many aspects of your life. If left unsolved, they can take their toll on your physical, emotional, and psychological health. Therapy may be necessary to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. Working with experienced therapists in Denver is ideal to gain control over your situation and preserve your relationships.

At Compass Family Counseling, our counselors utilize a variety of methods to make the recovery process easier for clients. We understand that clients have varying situations, so we tailor our solutions to meet their specific needs. When you contact us, we help you find the counselor and the method that works best for you and your challenges.

Our strategies focus on helping clients gain a better understanding of their situation, emotions, and options. Each method targets specific areas of human thinking and behavior that affect people’s life choices. Our Denver therapists strive to help clients express their emotions in a constructive manner, communicate their needs better, and assist them in making better choices in life.

We believe in encouraging our clients to explore their problems and discover what makes them unique. Once people accept the things that make them who they are, the better equipped they will be to handle any problems that may come their way. Denying an issue is not a positive solution, which is why we want to reach long lasting treatment solutions that help.

Which Therapy is Right for You?

We offer free consultations,which allows us to identify your needs and the therapy that will suit you. We base our recommendations on your specific situation and devise solutions that we think would yield the best results based on our experience.

We offer EMDR, MBCT, DMR, EFT, and systemic approach therapies (see below for more information). Each method of therapy is explained to the client: what it does, what they should expect, as well as how long each method will take.

Results Oriented Team

It’s the goal of our therapists to achieve the best results for our clients. We create a friendly atmosphere and use a personal and compassionate approach to make you feel comfortable during each session. We believe that by doing this, we are able to remove any barrier that keeps you from supplying all the information needed by the therapist.

For more information about our methods and the counselors who utilize these methods, please follow a link below, or call 303-295-3326.

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