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What destroys a marriage? Anything from money, sex, separation, unwillingness to grow and bond, anger, resentment, and so many other factors lead 50% of married couples in the U.S. to divorce every year. The success of marriage counseling is determined on a case by case basis. It’s not a matter of whether it works, it’s a matter of whether it is the right solution for you and your partner. An important thing to consider is that marriage counseling is not only a solution to fixing a marriage but also an option in preventing greater problems.

Does Marriage Counseling Work for Couples?

For many couples, marriage counseling is an option in fixing what is broken. When you have a cold you go to the doctor when you are short on money you get a job, and when you and your spouse aren’t getting along anymore, you go to marriage counseling. While statistics show that marriage counseling often results in patient satisfaction, effective marriage counseling is only possible when both parties commit to developing with one another. If your marriage is in turmoil and your wife suggests the two of you go to marriage counseling, but you are closed off to the idea, it could make the process a lot more difficult and less successful.

Not everybody is able to open up with their spouse, and in the same respect, not everybody is comfortable opening up to a stranger. Though this process might feel uncomfortable, you may be surprised by how much you grow when you step out of your comfort zone. Marriage counselors are not there to judge you or your marriage, they’re there to help you be proactive in a healthy relationship with your spouse.

Besides solving marriage problems, marriage counseling is a great tool for people who feel as though they have a great marriage. Everybody has problems, and every relationship consists of different couples. Marriage counseling is a healthy way to communicate with one another, grow deeper in your connection and understanding, and proactively strengthen your marriage while it’s in its best stages. Waiting until it’s time to fix your marriage to see a marriage counselor could mean a painful and difficult path of history and rebuilding. Seeing a marriage counselor while you have a solid foundation of your marriage is building up your relationship from where it’s at rather than starting from scratch with heartache and wounds.

Marriage counseling is not for everybody. Both you and your spouse have to be open and willing to be vulnerable with each other and have a desire to strengthen your marriage. Unfortunately, marriage counseling is not a guarantee in saving your marriage. Marriage counseling can and does lead to divorce in some cases, but in any case, it is an option. If you were dying of cancer, you’d want to try every option to save your life. The same is true for your marriage. If your marriage is dying, you should want to try every option to save it.