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When a loved one has mental health problems, it can be difficult to figure out just what you can do to help them. No matter how big or small those issues seem, getting your loved one help is critical to them overcoming the obstacles before them. Here are some tips for getting help for a loved one that has mental health issues.

Helping a Loved One with Mental Health Problems

The number one thing you can do to help a loved one with mental health issues is to be supportive. They are going through something you may or may not understand, which means you may not be able to give them advice but you can give them information on how to get help. This can include recommending therapy, medication, or other forms of treatment. By encouraging them that they need help, they may be able to see what’s going on from a different perspective and get the help they need.

Here are some questions to ask a loved one if they are going through a difficult time:

  • Ask them if they are getting help or interested in getting help
  • Express your concern, support, and encouragement
  • Remind your loved one that help is out there if they seek it
  • Ask questions about what they are going through
  • Listen and be responsive when they ask you questions or explain what they’re going through
  • Reassure them that you care about them and want them to get help
  • Treat your loved one with respect, courtesy, and compassion no matter what they’re going through

When talking with your loved one, it’s understandable you may not feel like you can help but that couldn’t be further than the truth. By explaining that you want them to get help, will help them get it, and will support them as they go through this difficult time.

As your loved one seeks treatment for mental health problems, you’ll be able to learn more about what they’re going through and have a better understanding. By encouraging them to seek help, they’ll have a support system in place as they overcome the obstacles in their way.