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When it comes to marriage counseling, a lot of questions come to mind. “How do I find a good marriage counselor?” “Does marriage counseling work?” “What does marriage counseling cost?” These questions are common for most couples who feel like marriage counseling might be the answer to solving or preventing their relationship problems.

So, How Much Does Marriage Counseling Cost Families?

Marriage counseling has proven to be beneficial for some people, but it seems like a common practice for most couples is putting off the therapy because of what it costs. It is not uncommon for licensed marriage counselors to charge hundreds of dollars per session, but there are affordable options available. Whether you’re married and struggling, married and happy, or are recently engaged and about to marry, marriage counseling has something for everybody. Putting off something good, could end up costing you a whole lot later on.

Marriage counseling is popular among people who are struggling in their marriage. Once the problems start and go unaddressed, it’s likely that the situation will only get worse. It’s like going to the doctor when you have a bad cough. If you go early, you’ll get help and only struggle with a cough for a few days. If you put off going to the doctor, the struggle gets worse, and the illness gets worse which costs you more time and money in the long run. The same is true with a marriage. If things are only kind of bad, waiting until they’re extremely bad can result in even more time and money spent on fixing things.

The cost of marriage counseling can be as low as $75 per session and as high as $250 per session for the average family counselor. Keep in mind these are ballpark figures and will vary based on factors, such as insurance, out of pocket costs, and more. It’s important to realize that the financial part of marriage counseling is only a small part of the price you pay.

Marriage counseling costs time and effort. It costs vulnerability and tears, and in some cases, marriage counseling could cost you your marriage. The cost of marriage counseling is not dependent on money; it’s determined by the willingness to spark a change in your marriage.

Marriage counseling is a popular solution for relationships of all kinds. Thriving or failing, therapy with a marriage counselor is a proactive way to solve problems, strengthen your relationship, and work towards a healthy marriage. People are usually concerned with the cost of counseling, but fail to realize where they may pay the price elsewhere. Working with a marriage counselor costs money, but putting off the help of marriage counseling could cost you your marriage.