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Premarital counseling is something every engaged couple should consider before getting married. While it may not be the right decision for every couple, even a single session can be beneficial to understand the commitment you’re about to make to one another. Premarital counseling can help you understand your partner, address any concerns about getting married, and solidify the communication skills in your relationship. Let’s look at whether you should consider premarital counseling or not.

So, Do You Really Need Premarital Counseling?

Premarital counseling, at its core, is the therapeutic process that helps couples prepare themselves for the ups and downs of marriage. Before you get married, this type of counseling can ensure your relationship is strong, loving, and supportive as you begin to spend the rest of your lives together. This helps increase the success of your marriage and avoid the pitfalls of separation and divorce should your relationship stumble at some point in the future.

Some of the issues you may want to consider premarital counseling for include:

  • Addressing sexual wants and needs
  • Dealing with anger and other emotions
  • Dealing with spending time together
  • Handling financial difficulties
  • Learning to talk with one another
  • Understanding roles in marriage

Premarital counseling is a specialty of counseling, with therapists and counselors trained for marriage and family issues. Many religious institutions offer premarital counseling services for couples, especially if getting married in a church. If you’re not comfortable with that type of counseling, reaching out to a licensed therapist or counselor for premarital counseling is the way to go.

Even if you think your relationship doesn’t need counseling before getting married, you might be surprised by what it can reveal about your relationship and fears of the future. By overcoming any issues you have before saying “I do,” you can avoid issues that come up during your lives together and handle them in a loving and supportive way for one another. Consider premarital counseling before you get married to take an audit of your relationship, learn what you might need to address, and tackle any issues before the cause more harm than good as you start the next part of your journey in life.