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Once you have reached the point of readiness for change and you have taken the steps to find a provider you believe can help you effect change, your thoughts may turn to how you might best prepare yourselfso that you can make the most of your counseling experience.  Here are 7 tips that can may increase your opportunity to have a successful experience in marital counseling, individual counseling, group counseling and/or family counseling.

1.  Before meeting with your therapist take time to think about how you want your life to be different after you successfully complete treatment.

2. To prepare yourself to talk about your goals for treatment, think about what you might see on a video camera in your current situation that you would not see on a video recording after you complete treatment. This may include ending an old behavior and/or starting a new one(s).  Having this level of detail in mind will help you quickly establish a goal that is measurable with your therapist.

3.  If you have been in treatment in the past and have access to any discharge summaries or previous intake documentation, bring it to the session and offer it to your therapist.

4. Make note of any mental health medications and other medications that you take including the dosage, frequency of administration and purpose for which the medication is taken.

5.  If you have had a previous treatment experience, think about what made that experience especially successful and/or what may have made it difficult for you.  Having this information may help guide your counselor to ensure your experience in therapy is impactful and helpful.

6.  Make a list of the problems you would like to see resolved as a result of therapy.

7.  Consider what your strengths are as you view them and be ready to talk about that topic.

Whether you select one of our providers at Compass Family Counseling or whether you select a different provider, we at Compass Family Counseling want to do what we can to ensure that you have an experience in counseling that is life changing.  We hope this information helps you have that experience and we stand ready to meet your counseling needs when you need us.

Russell Urrutia, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Adelante Familias Denver/Forward Families Denver
Compass Family Counseling Therapist