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Supporting a partner who’s trying to tackle addiction can be frustrating, depressing, and make you question everything you know about your relationship. Addiction can take on many forms. Whether you found out before or during a relationship, standing by your partner and being supportive is easier said than done. Here are three tips for supporting your partner tackling addiction and why this can bring you even closer together.

Tips for Supporting Your Partner Tackling Addiction

Learn What You Can About the Addiction

If you know what your partner is fighting, you can help them that much easier during the process. Learn what you can about the addiction, including symptoms, treatment options, and read up on how others have handled tackling that particular addiction. By understanding the best you can what your partner is going through, you can support them and help them make positive changes that help them overcome it one day at a time.

Communicate Honestly with Your Partner

Once you understand a bit more what your partner is going through, be sure to communicate with them. Be open, honest, and let them know you’re there for them through thick and thin. Use this open communication to offer treatment options and alternatives to help them find the coping skills to overcome their addiction. When your partner understands you’re trying to help them, they’ll hopefully be more open to listening and accepting that they have an issue.

Consider Treatment Options for Addiction

Now that you’re talking to your partner and understand a bit more what they’re dealing with, you can consider treatment options to overcome addiction. This can range from therapy with a qualified counselor to in-patient services to alternative treatments. Discussing these options with your partner to help them can help save your relationship long-term. In some cases, you may need to make the decision to seek treatment for your partner without their consent. By understanding the options on the table, you can better help them even if they don’t see it at the time.

Supporting your partner during addiction is hard for anyone, no matter how stable you think your relationship might be. By considering counseling yourself, you can help your partner even more; by encouraging them to enter counseling, you can help them develop the coping skills needed to tackle addiction.