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When you feel rejected, there are a lot of ways you can respond.  Here are common ways that people react to rejection:

  • Attack back.
  • Search for clarity.
  • Apologize.
  • Dismiss the other person.
  • Deny that they were rejected and act as if nothing happened.
  • Highlight positives to minimize the effects of the rejection.
  • Isolate.
  • Take it personally – proof that there is something terribly wrong with them.
  • Believe that once rejected, they are likely to be rejected by all others.
  • Avoid activities where the possibility of rejection exists.
  • Imagine that rejection has occurred, when it actually hasn’t.
  • Take the blame for the rejection as if they have done something wrong or something to deserve the rejection.
  • Expect to be rejected rejection in day-to-day situations.
Man hangs his head in frustration

Know how do you typically react when encountering rejection to deal with it best.

How do you react to feeling rejected?  Knowing how YOU personally react will allow you to see yourself in a different light, allow you to see your response to rejection and change if necessary.