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Relationships are the greatest interaction we have in this life. Through them, we can support one another, love one another, grow together, laugh together, and care for each other. Good communication is the key to all relationships. Without talking, corresponding, and communicating, we would never have the opportunity to learn about someone, express our feelings and emotions, or simply get to laugh with another person in conversation. The truth behind good communication will lead you to listen better, talk sweeter, and improve the way you communicate within your relationships.

Relationships Are Messy

Although they bring joy and life, often times relationships are messy. Overcoming conflict in a relationship, or proactively working to prevent conflict, all starts with good communication. Talk to each other. You may know your partner better than they know themselves, but nobody is a mind reader. In order for someone to know how you are feeling, you have to communicate clearly to avoid anger, frustration, and misunderstandings.

Nonverbal Communication

Communication is often thought to be verbal exchanges between a group of people. But it is so much more than that. The truth behind good communication is that there are so many important ways to communicate with people, many of which do not require your voice. You can say a lot without speaking. The posture of your body, tone in your voice and facial expressions are all elements that convey a message. Good nonverbal communication happens when your body language reflects what you are saying as to not confuse your partner. Better yet, good nonverbal communication is being aware of your body language and how it could be saying hurtful things that are not in the form of words coming out of your mouth.


The truth behind good communication is that listening breeds effectiveness. All too often, we are eager to talk about our feelings and concerns. It’s human nature to feel like you have to express yourself to communicate well. It’s important to remember that the only way to be a good communicator, and care for your partner is to hear and listen. It can be easy to hear words coming out of your partner’s mouth, but the only way to really care about what they are actually saying is to intently listen. Communication is a process of giving and taking. When you give your ear for listening, you can take away far more than when you give your words for hurting.

Good communication will sustain any relationship, and knowing the truth behind good communication will help your healthy relationships thrive.

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